Who Gets to Chat With God?

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Many of us grew up in hierarchical and patriarchal religions. We were taught to believe that God was a punishing, authoritative, male figure who didn't return email or accept phone calls from regular people. Only special intermediaries could talk directly to God.

Many of us have carried over these assumptions into the contemporary spirituality that we've adopted, and we may still revere certain saints and gurus as having privileged access to the divine.

But perhaps we need to question all of these assumptions. Is God real? Is there a "personal dimension" to the divine force? Is he or she or it really restrictive about giving out their cell phone number, or do we perhaps all have the possibility to commune with the divine?

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Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach and also trains others to become Awakening Coaches. He is author of the 2005 National Best Seller “The Translucent Revolution,” as well as seven other books, and many audio and video products. He has appeared on television, radio and in print in more than 20 countries. Arjuna teaches the “Deeper Love” seminar with his wife Chameli. Together they live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, along with their two teenage sons.

Neale Donald Walsch has been a newspaper reporter and managing editor, a radio station program director, public information officer for one of the nation's largest public school systems, creator and owner of his own advertising and marketing firm, and a nationally syndicated radio talk show host. He has now "retired" from his career in communications arts to pursue his vision of a world in which people no longer live in fear of God, or of each other. He has written more than 25 books on spirituality and its practical application in everyday life, including the multimillion-selling With God series:Conversations with God, Books I–III; Friendship with God; Communion with God; The New Revelations; Tomorrow's God; What God Wants; and Home with God. The titles have been translated into 37 languages, and seven of those books reached the New York Times Bestseller List. Walsch is the creator of several outreach projects: Humanity's Team, CwG4Kids, the ReCreation Foundation, and the Changing Change Network, all revolving around a "hub" organization: The Conversations Movement (www.TheConversationsMovement.com) Neale has a home in southern Oregon where he lives with his wife, Em Claire, who is a working poet. (www.emclairepoet.com) They travel extensively throughout the world, speaking to audiences and sharing the messages of the Conversations with God material. His newest books are When Everything Changes Change Everything and The Mother of Invention. For more information visit www.nealedonaldwalsch.com

Photo credits: markuso, Arjuna Ardagh, Neale Donald Walsch