Ultimate Intimacy
Where Love Flows Effortlessly

A Tele-Series of Interactive Calls
With Arjuna Ardagh and a Team
Of Awakening Coaches

Wednesday, August 11th, 18th, 25th & Sept. 1st
10am PST

Dear Friend,

I wonder if you have ever experienced a moment of pure connection, where time seems to stand still, and life moves from a place of deep inner knowing, where you tap into a dimension of yourself that is free and limitless?

A moment like this can happen when you are hiking in nature, or making love, or during extreme sports, or during meditation. It can also happen when you are doing what you are really good at. This is a moment of "awakening" to your true nature, where a shift in awareness occurs, and you tap into the reality that is outside the limiting confines of your mind.

Today millions of people, just like you and me, are having glimpses of a dimension of ourselves which is limitless, free, and loving without any conditions.

For many years Arjuna Ardagh has helped countless numbers of people to find peace in a chaotic world. His teachings are relevant for our times, describing how we may cultivate trust in the fundamental intelligence of the universe, mindfulness, confidence in our essential goodness, compassion and joy–keys to healing ourselves and our world. Arjuna offers practical wisdom that is as applicable at the kitchen sink as it is on the meditation cushion.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author of
Spiritual Liberation ~ Fulfilling Your Soul's Potential

In a moment of awakening
like this, you...

  • move beyond limited beliefs and assumptions which are based on past experiences ~ they are just memories.
  • recognize the deception of most of the thoughts that are passing through your mind.
  • meet each moment fresh with creativity, humor, and a sense of connectedness to everything around you.
  • relax into the core essence of yourself that is outside the realm of time, that requires no thought yet just "knows," that is open and willing to fully experience life as it is.
  • know yourself to be much bigger than your body ~ limitless.
  • live your life in this moment ~ just the way it is.

When you relax fully into this dimension of yourself, there is no problem to be fixed, there is no where to get to, and nothing to get rid of. You accept yourself fully, just as you are, and you fully accept everyone close to you in the same way.

Many, many people have had glimpses of this kind of opening. And... many of us also experience a painful schism between this opening and the reality of our day-to-day lives. Our personal and intimate relationships in particular may still bring us back into misunderstanding, needing to be right, blame and struggle. When we get caught in these old and familiar habits, all we can do is try to figure out how to say the right thing and do the right thing.

But generally this "trying" does not work!

This program will give you ongoing access to joy, authenticity, love and connection. It allows you to fall directly into the vastness of all creation and to always be connected.”
Dr. Prudence Hall
Physician at The Hall Center
Santa Monica, CA
If you are someone who is searching for greater meaning in life... I tell you with all excitement this is something you just must experience.”
Dalia Afifi
Fitness Consultant
San Diego, CA
Arjuna takes Awakening to a deep level that very few coaches in this world have ever gone.”
Ted McGrath
Transformation Coach
San Diego, CA
You will learn a consistent, dependable way to awaken yourself and others.”
Jon Fox
Nevada City, CA
This course leads to a fully opened and active heart that becomes the only possible way of living in the world. The tools and the practices are a gift to share with everyone in your life to bring them into the vibrancy of awareness and living from that.”
Connie Kishbaugh
Registered Nurse
Pittsburgh, PA

Deep and lasting happiness is an inside job-- it's about bringing happiness to what you do and how you live, rather than trying to get happiness from the outside in. This simple approach from my good friend Arjuna Ardagh is a brilliant guide to connecting with the deepest part of yourself, which is at the core of being 'happy for no reason'.”

Marci Shimoff
NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Soul
Featured teacher in The Secret

Many years ago, the great teacher, J. Krishnamurti, said:

Wherever there are two present, there will be suffering”
J. Krishnamurti

What does that mean?

Usually, when we are in a relationship, we say "I am in a relationship with you."

There is an "I" and there is a "you." Whenever two people relate in this way, it creates a feeling of separation. We are conditioned to believe that this separation can be alleviated by a change of circumstances, so we set goals for the future and we try, we struggle, and we seek.

The multi-billion dollar self-improvement industry plays upon that thinking. Self-improvement operates on the basic premise that there is something wrong with you and that you need to become a different or better person.

We have nothing against that. It's a great thing to improve the quality of your life.

There is an alternative approach, and this is what we will focus on in this series:

  • NOT how you need to fix yourself or "work on" your issues
  • NOT how to manifest what you want by saying all the right affirmations
  • NOT how you must improve your behavior and learn better skills
  • NOT EVEN the best positions for sex!

The basic premise of "Self-Improvement" is based upon a false assumption.

Because: There is nothing wrong with you!

And that deep feeling of separation cannot be healed by changing behavior.

Our heart ~ your heart ~ my heart ~ our intuition ~ tells us that there is a much more natural way of living life. We yearn to directly experience our lives, to be fully present to what is actually here right now.

You don't need to wait until you "fix yourself" to find what you long for.

It's already here, waiting for you.

My friend Arjuna Ardagh offers us myriad simple ways to drop deeply into that reservoir of love that is who we all truly are, and to find creative, liberating, and often humorous ways to transform the lives we live into expressions of generosity of spirit.”
Marianne Williamson
Author of Return to Love, The Age of Miracles, and several other books

On this 4 part Tele-Series we'll drop into awakening to who you really are

  • Beyond the body
  • Beyond the personality
  • Beyond the thoughts and feelings
  • Beyond habitual ways of relating to the world
  • Beyond the illusion of separation

A moment of awakening can give us a taste of freedom from the dream, or the trance, of conceptual thinking about life, so we can actually live life more fully and more creatively.

What does this have to do with intimacy and relationships?

It is only when I truly know myself, in all of my dimensions, that I am able to open to the fullness of intimacy with another.

Through awakening ~ relaxing into your core self as a free and limitless dimension:

  • you can actually meet your partner (or prospective partner) from this dimension, where there is no separation.
  • when you meet your beloved in this dimension of yourself, you naturally meet in a flow of love, and the boundaries dissolve.
  • you experience an intimacy that is not conditional on what you say or do, but pours forth from the deeper dimension.

Let's just recall or imagine a moment of embodying awakening with your beloved.

This moment is relaxed, timeless, effortless, flowing, and pure.

You are fully present and alive to what is right here ~ now.

Picture your relationship, or your next relationship, happening in this way.

This is an amazing opportunity to come home to the truth of yourself and be supported not only by others but from within your own being.”
Jeanette Brynn
Seattle, WA
Arjuna is an exceptional, down-to-earth teacher. I was able to open myself to a depth of experience unique to any work I've ever done before. He is able to cut gently but decisively through core issues and open the door to awakening to who you are.”
John Suter
Ithaca, NY
This course is a spiral of awakening, from my own experience of not being my mind to the tools to bring that gift to others, which deepens my experience of presence. Embodying this brings a whole deeper level to all the paths I've already explored and a new level of service to the planet.”
Karen Fritz
Ft. Collins, CO
Extremely valuable insights into the field of experiencing pure consciousness and busting through the blocks which impede our process. Give yourself a gift of being with a masterful teacher , exploring deepening in consciousness.”
Jill Fox
Licensed Psychotherapist
Nevada City, CA
A powerful training to awaken into true consciousness of who we truly are - life changing!”
Carole Brill
Music Instructor
Valley Cottage, NY
It's a wonderful gift to yourself. It's a wonderful gift for your community.”
Andrea Loxley
Fishers, IN
This is the best addition that any coach or helping professional could make to their work to being greater depth.”
Jen Cohen
Executive Coach
Nevada City, CA

Now is the time to awaken consciously, to fully return back to your true nature, and to give the gifts that are destined to be given through your particular lifetime.”
Arjuna Ardagh

During this Tele-Series you will be invited to:

  • Experience your very own Radical Awakening Moment - You will meet your own essence, at a deeper dimension than meets the eye; a dimension that is free and limitless.
  • Experience Radical Releasing through one-on-one guidance from a trained Awakening Coach – be ready to actively meet your emotions and resistances. After identifying beliefs and resistances that cut you off from intimacy, a coach will support you in releasing them and opening to new possibilities.
  • Learn to be curious about yourself and your personality, not to fix anything, but to open to an authenticity and a deep and abiding sense of humor so that you can relax into accepting and enjoying yourself, just as you are.
  • Explore ways that you can actually meet your partner (or prospective partner) at a free and limitless dimension of yourself, where there is no separation.
Here is a highly practical guide to living with humor, aliveness and intelligence. Being present is the key to relationships working well, the key to material success and to living with a grateful, happy heart. Arjuna Ardagh shows you new ways to become more present in every part of your life.”
Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
Authors of Conscious Loving, Lasting Love and many other books
Founders of The Hendricks Institute

Also, during this series, we will ~

  • identify three main ways that we often shut down intimacy in our lives.
  • show you how to shift your attention from identification with the small things (my thoughts, my feelings, and my reactions) to actually recognizing yourself to be the bigger context in which those things are happening – something more free and more spacious.
  • teach you the art of relaxing into "listening with all of you."
  • show how honesty is much more than a moral virtue; it is your natural state.
  • share with you quick, easy ways to relax into awakening.
  • show you tools and practices designed to help you return to your true nature as love, so you are free to live and embody awakening in all your relationships.
  • help you to discover simple, effective, and joyful ways to dramatically increase the depth of intimacy in all areas of your life.
  • show you how even the smallest things can be more enjoyable and meaningful, when they are not resisted.
  • invite you to bring humor and artistry into your relationships.
  • let you see that rather than "fixing" a relationship, or "working on" relationship, you can actually live a relationship that allows life to become more fun, playful, and creative.
Arjuna's work will open your eyes and heart to your true essence and potential. Apply each exercise and watch as your life unfolds into it's true essence and beauty.”
John Assaraf
New York Times Bestselling Author
Founder of OneCoach, Inc.

Come, explore with us.
Dive into a place of knowing the essence of who we truly are.

Here are the specifics:

Ultimate Intimacy Tele-Series $147
August 11, 18, 25 and Sept 1, 2010
10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST (California, US)

If you are in a different time zone, check your time at: www.TimeAndDate.com/worldclock/converter.html

  • You will be given your personal PIN number to call and interact with Arjuna Ardagh and a team of trained awakening coaches.
  • Only 40 Ultimate Intimacy Tele-Series spots are available.
  • For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

You will receive:

  • 4 LIVE 2-hour Awakening Sessions on Ultimate Intimacy.
  • Personal Interaction ~ Get your Questions Answered live.
  • Direct Personal Experience with Tools and Practices.
  • 24/7 Exclusive Access To The "Members Only" Facebook group.
  • Ongoing Support from Trained Coaches (available between sessions by arrangement).
  • Tools and practices to explore and play with between calls.
  • A 30% discount at our online store on our most popular books and CDs
  • Also ~ Arjuna has created a special package of downloadable gifts just for you.

On the calls, just imagine that this is a workshop. Although you are staying at home and you don't have to travel, just imagine. We'll start in a nice big virtual room where you, other participants, the coaches, and Arjuna are all together. First, Arjuna will teach some of the fundamentals of how this works. You'll be able to learn things, but more importantly, you can ask Arjuna Ardagh questions directly. But just learning the principles is not enough. That provides only intellectual knowledge ~ nobody has Ultimate Intimacy in their relationship with just intellectual knowledge. You also must have direct, practical experience. You need to have a shift in your actual experience of things. In order to facilitate that experience, you'll be moved into small virtual rooms with a coach and two other participants. Working together, you'll practice the tools in order to become proficient with them. You don't need tools to awaken. Awakening is simply the realization of your true nature. The tools are to help you remember "who you are" in daily life so that you can live or embody awakening in your relationships.

I have known Arjuna Ardagh for many years, and I was featured in his 2005 #1 Bestseller "The Translucent Revolution." I also recently joined him for a multi-media release called "Living Awakening." Arjuna gave a keynote presentation at a recent meeting of the Transformational Leadership Council, which earned him a standing ovation. I cannot recommend him highly enough as an inspiring, insightful, humorous, lightning rod of awakening.”
Jack Canfield
Creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul

Frequently Asked Questions:

After this Tele-Series, will my relationship be completely joyful?

There are many courses that offer you permanent solutions. That may be a great way to sell something, but in our experience, things don't work out like that. We're not offering you a way to never again feel hurt, or angry, etc.

We are saying that you can continue to live your life exactly as you've been living it, but your experience of relationship will change.

For example, when you feel hurt or offended:

  • you could release your resistance to feeling that hurt.
  • you could release any fear that comes up of being offended.
  • (although it may sound strange) you could actually enjoy the feelings that come.
  • when you enjoy any feeling instead of resisting it, it passes very quickly.

On the other hand, you may have noticed that when you resist and suppress a feeling:

  • it gets stuck and consumes you in a variety of ways.
  • it may come out in ineffective and undesirable bursts.

What you resist persists!

So, when you can accept and perhaps even welcome any feeling as a part of life, the emotions flow and you can come back to a place of humor and a place of real, abiding love.

Through Awakening Coaching, we see that it is okay for your relationship to be the way it is.

It may include the whole gamut:

  • from feelings of separation to feelings of oneness,
  • from experiencing deep intimacy to needing space,
  • from feeling resentment to feeling profound gratitude.
  • It's all part of life.
  • What this course is offering you is the invitation to explore relating from the dimension of embodying awakening, where all of these fluctuations become ok.

Who can benefit from the Ultimate Intimacy Tele-Series?

  • Singles
    — get fantastic tools that will transform your relationship to being single

  • Couples
    — you'll learn and practice tools that are amazingly effective, yet fast and easy.
    — you'll be able to deepen your intimacy immediately as you practice together right after the first call is finished.

  • Parents
    — explore this great playground for embodying awakening

  • Managers, Employees, Co-Workers
    — embody awakening at work

Can my partner listen in on the Tele-Series with me?

It would be a great idea for you both to be on the call! However, since you'll be working with a coach, every individual must have their own registration and pin number. If you require 2 seats in the Tele-Series, you must purchase 2 in order to participate and for our technology to work.

What if my partner is not interested?

Even if that is the case, your relationship can be transformed through just your own attendance and practice of the tools you'll learn.

Important Notes:

  • Each person on the call must have a PIN in order to interact with one of our trained coaches during the sessions.
  • Maestro Conferencing, our technology provider for the calls, recommends that you call in on a real telephone landline or a cell-phone with excellent signal. You may have problems with Vodaphone, vonage, Skype, or any VOIP.
  • You may use a cell-phone if you are in one location with five solid bars of reception. Do not join the call while driving.
  • When you get your PIN, please enter your full first name and last name, so that Arjuna and the coaches can identify who you are.
  • Be sure to become a member of the private facebook group where you can interact with the other participants and coaches.

We certainly hope that you will decide to join us for this event. We know it's going to be a great one!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

All the best!

Dianne Gingue ~ Director of Teleseminars ~ Awakening World



I organized together with my colleague Ken Wilber the Integral Spiritual Experience which ran this past New Year. Five hundred people came from thirty three countries. Arjuna Ardagh gave one of the key note presentations. His presentation was simply superb. Deploying exercises, humor, and wisdom teachings, he created a stunning space of insight. Stated simply, he blew everyone away in what was one of the best key note addresses I have ever heard!”
Marc Gafni
Director of Integral Spiritual Experience

About Arjuna Ardagh:

Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach and trainer of Awakening Coaching. He is the author of the 2005 National Bestseller The Translucent Revolution, as well as seven other books, and many audio and video products. He has appeared on television, radio and in print in more than 20 countries. Arjuna teaches the "Deeper Love" seminar with his wife Chameli. They live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, along with their two teenage sons.